How do I know my payment information is secure?

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How do I know my payment information is secure?

All orders on are processed through FoxyCart, a secure cart and checkout platform, and transactions are processed using Authorize.Net, a reliable and secure payment gateway.

Both Authorize.Net and FoxyCart are PCI DSS compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). PCI DSS is a comprehensive set of requirements developed by major global payment brands that facilitate the development of a robust payment card data security process, and the adoption of consistent data security measures. SSL is a security protocol that ensures your sensitive data is encrypted and transmitted securely.

Note that you still need to protect your own computer from attacks and malware by adopting safe Internet practices, and running appropriate and up-to-date anti-virus and firewall software.


Authorize.Net is a leading provider of payment gateway services. They operate with a mission to provide the most secure and reliable payment solutions, and use industry-leading security technologies and protocols. Authorize.Net is a solution of CyberSource Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Visa.


FoxyCart is a powerful and secure ecommerce platform specializing in the cart and checkout flow. They have extensive security measures in place to ensure the protection of customer data, including 24/7 monitoring, government-standard encryption, and a secure physical environment.