Care & Maintenance

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Care & Maintenance

We provide touch up paint in the form of touch up pens. The pens are Greenguard approved and will serve to correct cosmetic imperfections.

If you would like to order a touch up pen, please fill out our replacement parts form. We will then supply you with a quotation and invoice to complete your order.

replacement parts

Ordering your replacement parts is easy

At Ubabub, we strive to make every customer experience as painless as possible. We are here to support you in case anything happens. To order a replacement part for a damaged or missing piece, please review the options below and select the option that applies to your product.

Please note we are only able to ship replacement parts to all 50 US states and Canada. For any other international parts requests, please contact the retailer you purchased from directly for support.

Need more info on warranty? Click here.